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5 Games to Play with Your Shiba Inu

Shiba Inus are energetic and active dogs that require both mental and physical exercise every day in order to stay happy, healthy, and out of trouble. Known for their “spirited boldness,” the typical Shiba Inu is not content to lounge on the couch all day or play fetch like other dogs. Listed here are games that exercise both body and mind.

Hide and Go Treat
Although not members of the hound group, Shiba Inus have a great sense of smell. A fun and entertaining game for both you and your dog involves hiding treats around the house and watching as your pup sniffs them out. Depending on how well you hid the treats, this game can keep your dog occupied for a long time. The stubborn nature of a Shiba will ensure he or she doesn’t give up until all the treats are found!

Shiba Inus are excellent canine athletes and many excel at recreational Agility or even competitions. Agility training is a perfect mix of both mental and physical stimulation, for dog and handler alike! Find a class near your home, or practice with make-shift Agility obstacles in the backyard. For instance, a hula-hoop can make a jump, a picnic table can double as a pause table, and any number of household items, such as PVC pipes, can be fashioned into weave poles. Training a treat-motivated Shiba to complete a backyard obstacle course is fun, and rewarding!

Muffin Tin Game
Find a muffin tin that is an appropriate size for your dog (for a small dog, use a mini-muffin tin, and for a large dog, a large muffin tin). Place one small treat in each muffin form, and then cover the treat with a ball. Introduce your dog to this DIY toy, and watch as he or she figures out that under each ball is a tasty reward!

Flirt Pole
We have all heard that Shibas are the cats of the dog world. Combined with their mischievous nature and high prey drive, playing with a flirt pole can be great entertainment for a Shiba Inu and owner. First, find a long stick, and then tie a string to the end of it. To the loose end of the string, tie a stuffed animal or other toy. Use the pole to drag the toy around the floor, enticing your dog to chase it. To make the game more rewarding, hide a treat inside the toy.

Hot Cold
This game is perfect for play with Shiba Inus because they won’t even know you are trying to get them to play a game, and therefore won’t have time to disobey you. Sit on the couch with a handful of treats. Think of an action (such as walking towards his or her dog bed). If your dog makes any movement towards the bed, yell “hot!” and toss your pup a treat. You dog will try to replicate actions that are rewarded with treats, and a stubborn Shiba can easily play this game for a long time.

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