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Holiday Gift Guide for Shiba Inu Owners

With the holidays upon us, you may be struggling to find last minute gifts for everyone in your life. Shiba Inu owners are easy to buy for, because they always could use a new treat or toy for their squirrely pup! Here are a few ideas that will make any Shiba lover’s life a little easier.

Soggy Doggy Doormat

The Soggy Doggy Doormat (or Soggy Doggy Super Shammy) is a lifesaver for those with dogs who like to dig or who have thick coats that do not dry easily after a bath. The microfiber material soaks up water and dirt like a sponge, leaving floors and furniture clean and dry.

Interactive Dog Toys

Shiba Inus are highly intelligent dogs who need a lot of mental stimulation. Interactive dog toys keep a Shiba occupied by working his or her brain to find tasty treats. These toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and difficulty levels, certain to entertain even the smartest of Shibas.

Interactive Dog Bowl, $30.00

Take the interactive dog toy to the next level and purchase a dog bowl that not only keeps a Shiba from eating his or her food too fast, but also mentally stimulates the dog in the process. Eating too quickly can cause serious health problems for a dog, and the foraging aspect of this bowl satisfies an inherent drive that is natural to every dog.

Shiba Inu memorabilia, price varies

It’s not a secret that Shiba Inus are having a moment right now. With the wild popularity of the doge meme and the striking good looks of the Shiba Inu, unique gifts such as prints, sculptures, paintings, collages, coffee mugs, and ornaments (to name just a few) are popping up everywhere.


Subscription boxes have been all the rage with services that deliver a monthly box to your door filled with goodies. Send your favorite Shiba Inu owner a BarkBox, which will delight both human and dog. Each BarkBox contains 4 – 6 hand-picked treats and toys, guaranteed to keep a Shiba Inu busy and happy.

Dog Photography Session, price varies

Enlist a local photographer (or offer your own services) to take quality photos of Shiba and owner roommate. No one can deny the photogenic qualities of a Shiba Inu, and no pet owner can ever have enough photos of their fur baby, especially ones where the two are photographed together.

Fashionable dog collar, price varies

We all know that Shiba Inus act like true divas at times. Why not buy a couture dog collar to match their big personality? Designs range from subdued, yet sophisticated, to all-out bling.

Donation to a Shiba Inu Rescue, price varies

Does your favorite Shiba Inu parent truly have everything? Making a donation in his or her name to a Shiba Inu rescue is a thoughtful gift that will be used to help other Shiba Inus in need, which is a win-win for everyone involved.

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